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Half-cost products depend on breakthrough concepts

Very ambitious cost goals, from half cost to order-of-magnitude, will only be achieved when the concept/architecture is thoroughly optimized for inherent simplicity and manufacturability.  The concept/architecture phase of the product development process directly determines 60% of the cost and ultimately determines the design phase cost (up to 80%) and launch costs (up to 100%).

Sometimes breakthrough ideas come from the brainstorming sessions that Dr. Anderson facilitates in DFM Workshop

More challenging endeavors may need his concept studies in which he generates breakthrough ideas, which concurrent engineering teams can develop into manufacturable products. Dr. Anderson is particularly effective for complex products that could benefit from simplified concepts, clever architecture, easy-to-build structures, and ingenious ways of control and guide part motions. In his 35 years of design work, including four patents, he has developed a leading-edge expertise in mechanisms, starting with his Doctorate thesis.

Dr. David M. Anderson (who authored this site, has provided DFM training for two decades, and "wrote the book on DFM") applies all the principles he teaches, coupled with his Doctorate in Engineering and 35 years of experience, to offer leading-edge development work ranging from concept studies to innovative product architecture that will allow the company to easily complete the inherently manufacturable design work.

Dr. Andersonís bio-sketch is presented on the "Credentials" page. He can be reached at andersondm@aol.com or 1-805-924-0100.